Glitzy Longhorn

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-Glitzy Longhorn-

Multicolored long necklace with turquoise, gold and black hand knotted beads. Druzy long horn pendant. Longhorn pendant  3” wide and 2” tall. Necklace is 65” length.


Druzy will provide balance help to avoid depression or any unnatural
feelings of sadness. It’s a great guide to find yourself and be at peace with
who you are. Helps take on day to day life with less stress and anxiety, it
will be okay… Assists in opening blocked energies and helps you maintain
strong relationships with the ones you love. Can boost your immune and
reproductive systems. Brings prosperity to your life and help you over come
financial difficulty proud and strong! Instills optimism

Glitzy Longhorn
Glitzy Longhorn
Glitzy Longhorn